“Winds Aloft Weather Connection” - Intermittent Connection

I’m having problems with the winds aloft connection. It’s making it impossible to fly. The connection will be patent one moment and then interrupted the next with wind direction changes and it results in drastic speed changes that lead to stall conditions with rapidly increasing tail winds or overspeed warnings with rapidly increasing headwinds when the connection restores.

The winds will be tailwind at 0 knots one moment and headwind at 80 knots the next. I can’t leave a flight unattended for fear of receiving violations as I’ve already had to use speed brakes at Mach 0.85 to keep from overspeeding and even at full thrust the plane drops to stall speed from a RAPIDLY rising tailwind and I have to enter a descent to maintain enough airspeed to avoid stalling.

TLDR: Winds aloft connection is broken. Any news on when it will be repaired?

Hello! This is a known issue that a number of players are experiencing at the moment. Please continue here:

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