Winds Aloft Issue

Hello, as I type this descending through 8000ft on the Expert server into Amman, I’m currently at an airspeed of 240kts with a 97kts headwind, making for a ground speed of 150kts. Is there anyway of resolving this before I land, or not? METAR shows 12kts wind.


My winds aloft is messed up too right now. We just hit the top of the hour a few minutes ago so hopefully it will fix itself soon. If not, it is a problem out of our control.

I can also confirm that winds aloft is down from my end. Hope it comes back soon!

I have ppl flying 42kts on base meanwhile 😂


Can someone move this to #support? I am wondering if we have an issue that @schyllberg will need to look at…

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Good thing This isn’t just me, I need these nice tailwinds of the JetStream for PHL-DOH and right now I’m only getting 5 knots!

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I too am having winds aloft issues. Luckily only had 30kt winds during cruise, so my descent isn’t terrible. Hopefully this issue won’t last too long

Winds aloft is down for me too

Same here…

I was just flying 40 kts on base with 134 kt headwinds it was incredible. But all that headwind became crosswind until short final… just wow. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I just landed at KJFK in 102kts… finally dropped to 70kts about 500 ft off the ground… everyone stopped to watch the plane at 45º coming in… nailed it though!

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I had 69 knots crosswinds coming into Dallas

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Came here since it’s the middle of the hour, so a while till it refreshes. I was planning on taking off soon, but it looks like I’ll be delayed a little bit because of Winds Aloft.

it is working on my end now :)

Working here as of just past 0600Z

I had this issue also today. I am glad they are approving peoples post though, because they are refusing to approve mine.

Or it could be that no one was simply around at the time ;)


I wrote a post about a call name issue that I had, and it hasn’t been approved. It’s been over 3 hours.

As i said, no one was probably around until i woke up now & approved it ;)

Resolved by itself.