Winds Aloft is (possibly) Down

I noticed that the weather connection wasn’t working and another user just mentioned it in the Community Members Spotted on Live thread, so I thoyght I’d let the community know, in case it is a sim-wide problem and not just the two of us.

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Just wait twelve minutes, as it usually updates at the top of the hour. This happens often and usually fixes itself.

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I’ve had this issue for about 2 hours now, doubt it will regress.

That’s unusual.

I’ll wait for mods/staff to come in and maybe look at the problem before I diagnose the problem or try to help you fix it, since I am no technlology guru.

Oh okay that’s good news. Hopefully it’s back on for me soon

Chances are the area you’re in has corrupted weather files. Which can start happening more frequently because of Covid-19 now, if the winds are strong, once you get near your destination airport, the winds should be changed to that of the METAR of the airport. Just hang tight.

That is probable, as I am over northeastern China, however would this be an issue at 27,600 feet? I’d assume wind data for that altitude would come from satellites.

Winds aloft is high altitude winds correct, and it’s however the weather provider gets their winds, files can be corrupted when the information is being sent, and or received, it can be corrupted in a few more ways if i understand how data is collected then decoded and sent and all that jazz

Either way, we’ll see how it is at the top of the hour.

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Well, it seems to be working now


Glad to hear that, safe flight:)

Thank you!