Winds aloft is down

Is it just me or there is no weather at any airports?

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Happens to me sometimes, most airports display no weather until youre tuned into the unicom and then it tells you the weather.

It seems fine to me, try turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds and turning it off. That should fix it

I tried and it does nothing

I can also confirm that the Winds aloft is not connecting. One issue might be missing packets of data. The weather should next update within the next 20 minutes or so. If it doesn’t fix itself by then, I’d assume the staff will look out for issues. You might just need to wait for a bit and it might come bacl online again.

Could it be device related? I’m not having any problems on iPadOS, 4 green

Weather always resets itself at the top of each hour, so it’ll reset in 3 minutes.

Never can be.

Let’s see how things look in a few minutes

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