Winds aloft is down

Winds aloft is down for me. I have a good wifi signal (the 3 bars are all on). I hope this is temporary as it would be hard to land with a 70kts headwind.

Hey man, have you tried everything listed under this topic in the FAQs?

I have tried enabling airplane mode for 30 seconds but nothing has changed.

Sometimes this happens and usually fixes itself at the top of the hour.

Could you give more information? Such as a screenshot and location.

I can’t provide a screenshot sorry. I’m currently flying JFK - ATL.

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The server which provides the data typically resets at the turn of the hour. If not try the suggestions in the linked topic. If all else fails, it’s an issue internally (something in the server or code, not infinite flight per say)

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It’s happening to me as well. Just give it some time and it may correct itself.

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Good to hear that i’m not the only one. Hopefully this I’ll get fixed in 4 mins when the data provider resets itself.

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Yep it should reset as others said at the hour. If not, the support team will catch it and adjust accordingly to get a good outcome.

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Only time will tell…

When it says resets at the “turn of the hour” it typically takes a good 2-5 minutes to correct across all devices. It’s not exactly an on-the-dot hour reset

I can now confirm that my winds a loft is back

It’s fixed!

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Small thing but you’re not meant to give yourself the solution, you’re meant to give it to the person who solved it


Changed it

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Just had to land in these conditions on 13L @JFK in the smal bus thehe. 50kts gusting, look at that angle xD

I would flag this as off-topic if it wasn’t butter like that 👀

Happened to me to