Winds aloft down

Winds aloft have been down and i can’t wake up super early just to land. I wanna get to my destination later and I can’t without headwinds. I just wanna get some sleep and it keeps crashing… I wanna sleep and i’m afraid of getting violentions when it fixed again…

Is there a way to fix this mid-flight or is it down for everyone?

❗️“Winds aloft Weather Connection”

It keeps fixing but than crashing again. Can i just get it to maintain being fixed?

Also able to reproduce on my end. It should update and get back online at the top of the hour so around 15 mins.

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Ok, i’ll wait till then. Hopefully fixed. It’s just rapidly switching between broken and working.

Finally 2am… Had to recover from 6 stalls and 14 violations. Thank god I didn’t go to sleep because I would’ve been…