Winds aloft down

I was doing a flight today KDEN-KIDA and it said that my winds aloft were not working here I still a screenshot

I have full bars of for connection, can someone tell me what is wrong?


This shouldn’t be in the #features section. It has since been moved, but be sure to check the correct forums section in future!

Sometimes the weather system goes down temporarily. A server refresh or game restart should fix the problem, but either way it shouldn’t affect your gameplay.


Yes this just means the system is struggling to update the wind, it will come back eventually

Okay I will do some troubleshooting.


There’s no need. It’s an external service that often will fix itself alone!

Be sure to check at the top of the hour.


I also have this, I am flying rn, it always seems to come back eventually :)

It’s back and working again!

I will flag it for closure.