Winds Aloft Connection

The Winds Aloft Weather Connection has been down for me for the past 30min so i thought to create this

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Same with me here over the Atlantic


The same thing is occurring for me too.

Yep, same thing. I’m currently in the North-Eastern US

@Kevin_Potthast Work your magic. It worked last time.


Its server wide. Wait a bit.

Same here. I am currently enduring a 104 kt headwind at 46,000 feet over the Pacific. Was flying from JFK-SYD nonstop, need the weather to update or I will be out of fuel by the time I reach Sydney.

this happened to me when i was about to land at newark a couple days ago…
46 kts headwind at 1k feet zzz

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Me too but it stops after a while

You can see that the wind slowly gets back to normal

Back up and running!

Not sure if it’s related to this, but I just had a 58 KT wind while on final approach into YVR. It was my headwind throughout the flight so I’m thinking it forgot to reset itself.