Windows Phone Version

So will you ever update it? So I pay so much for the Windows phone version that is never updated compared to iOS and android. Have the devs forgot about it or did I pay for a demo?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Your question can be answered here:

The last reply is from one of the devs and says the windows phone will not be updated.

Nope that didn’t help that was just everyone roasting windows phone

The last reply said that the Windows phone will not be updated. It doesn’t make any sense business wise to update it due to the low amount of users that play infinite flight on the Windows phone.
Here is the quote from the dev Philippe: “There is no plan to update Windows Phone version at this point. Too many things changed between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 (and now Windows Phone 10) which would have been a huge task for us for a very small market compared to Android and iOS. As much as we hate to say this it just doesn’t make any business sense.”


Right ok. Can I get like a refund or something this is like just paying for a demo

I wish I could help with that but I have no clue. How about you send a message to Philippe! I’m sure he can help you out :)

Ok thanks I will try that

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