Window Visors in the flight deck.

With global coming out and the new textures with light, I think it would be good for there to be those yellow shades on the side of the cockpit windows. Sorry if already a topic under features

I’m not one to moan about not having a picture and stuff but I actually have no idea what you’re talking about- can you put a pic in?


I got you I’ll put one up in a sec

I can’t really find a good picture for an example but it’s to block the sun from blinding the pilots and all.

I find it funny that your talking about shades. I think personally that’s the Devs have more to worry about shades to be honest.
Also, I’m not even sure what your talking about, pilot sunglasses or plane shades?

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I don’t feel it’s necessary as there wont be any reflections or glares as far as we know. But hey, we all want our own things.

Vote for your own topic if you really want it man!

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Like this?

Picture retrieved from video, video’s credit is already on the picture.

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Yes sir :) that’s what I am refering to.

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To be honest, I think it’s one of small details that isn’t really necessary thing to be added to IF right now. If the quality of sun glare is improved to the point where it’s blinding us then I’m all for it. Kinda same thing with de-icing system request when there is no weather added to IF yet that would build up ice on the wing.