Window Shades In the Cabin

Hello everybody! Since the release of the CRJ-700, we have received a new feature, cabins. And I will admit, they are my favorite feature in Infinite Flight. But with the release of cabins, we don’t have window shades.

Well we do have them, but they are just for looks. (I think…) But it made me think about it because we have the sun, and nighttime. So with the glare of the sun in your eyes and the nighttime making you want to go to sleep in you seat, wouldn’t a nice shade relieve it all? No more glare from the sun, and you can sleep more. :)

So what do you say? Are you with me or against me?🤷‍♂️ Well it’s up to you. But I have a feature request for interior flourscent lights also. Anyways thanks for listening to this, and sorry if I don’t respond soon. Anyways as always, every vote counts!

Happy Landings!

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P.S. Out of votes ;)

If im being honest, I think its pointless.


Well I mean it is in a way, but adds some realism to it. :)

I don’t want to call anyone out, but I don’t see this feature coming I handy or improving the moral of the app, like all feature requests should, but if its your opinion.


If you want realism, let’s not stop with the shades. How about about opening and closing overhead storage bins and lavatory doors? :)

To directly answer the with me or against me question, I’m against you.


Its a flight simulator, where you fly the plane or do ATC.
Its not a cabin crew or passenger simulator!


man i need to help my passengers or im going to get fired man omg jeez always making fun of the most important features

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I have to admit I’m with you. Animated parts like doors on every new/reworked aircraft and an interior at first. I’m really excited for the A330 rework and really hope to see a cabin there. Then, when every aircraft is on a certain level, and other things taking resources like taxiway lights have been implemented we can talk about such little things.

Just in case:

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