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New Feature Idea: Additional Window Views (Cockpit, Wingview…)
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Cockpit: Extra Views

Picture: MattyBo02

1: View from the front panel, right behind the window and the windscreen wiper. Infinite Flight did add a nose view but I would prefer having this “Front Panel” view. One big addition that would increase realism would be the windows, the current wing views are located at the exterior of the planes and not in the inside of the plane. It would be a great addition to almost all aircraft but moreover the A318, A319, A320s.
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Picture: Ashton TheCreator

2: (Engine view with window) Infinite Flight already do wing views like this, but what they haven’t added is the window on it. Improving realism with the dirt effects on it, the window would help make better videos for example. It’s also preferable to feel like a passenger and have a view from the inside than a view from the outside.
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Picture: Fly Away Simulation

3: (Back of wing view with window) The picture of the wing view from the back of the wing. Would be necessary as all of the other views would have windows.

Why do I think it is necessary?: it would definitely increase realism and give a better aspect to Infinite Flight plane views. It would be quite easy to create and to add, the only inconvenient would be to have to create a cabin. But if it causes a big problem, then it would be easier not to add a cabin and just be able to zoom with the view. Feel free to vote to let me know what you think.

I wouldn’t mind this, but I don’t think it should be a priority. I’m hoping to see all aircraft with live displays first 🙂


Only one picture is allowed in a feature request. Also, try and pic one of those three that you mentioned.

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Those types of views will only fit on PC High end Laptops and recent devices. Many older devices will not even be able to support those types of graphics. X Plane does have this option however X Plane is more cheaper and is not as good as Infinite Flight.

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@DipperDolphin @Cbro4 @Aeroplane747 Thanks for the advices. It would definitely not be a priority but it would be nice to see them added.

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@Aeroplane747 please do some research buddy… We have similar (but not the same) views to this already… As the aircraft are reworked, interiors are being added. Just look at the CRJ family, they have interior camera views and Mobile devices are more than capable of handling it. It’s just a simple camera rework 😉


Watching the engines during start up from the cockpit would be cool

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I really like these ideas! The 1st idea of the cockpit window with the frames would be a nice view for taxiing😎

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this can be soooooo nice