Windhoek-Lagos-Accra Route Resumation Celebration @ FYWH - 291225ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Airport: FYWH

Time: 1225Z (or all day)

NOTAM: Fly A319s

It’s official; the Airport of the Month is restarting its services to DNMM and DGAA starting Friday, June 29. If you have nothing to do on this day, feel free to follow the exact itinerary of this flight in real time. Below is a link with the exact times for preparation.

If you are unable to follow this schedule exactly, feel free to do it on your own time on that day. Below are the actual times in ZULU for the inaugural return to these services. Keep in mind these are the actual times that the aircraft is scheduled to fly at IRL

1225Z: Depart FYWH
1715Z: Arrive/layover DNMM
1800Z: Depart DNMM
1900Z: Final arrival at DGAA

I hope that anyone interested will be able to fly this route in peace, whether in real time, or on your own time! Happy flying!

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24 hour countdown for the IRL departure time!

Departed a little late … overslept.
En route to DNMM now

Passing by the Bonny Islands currently 3.5 hrs into the flight

I have arrived at Lagos, however the IRL plane got delayed!

Departure time has been changed to 1845Z for DGAA. I will go play Fortnite until then

Alright IDK why Africa is having so many delays IRL today considering the very few amount of planes in Africa. However I don’t care about the delay; it’s already been an hour past schedule and I have left Lagos bound for Accra! (btw I wanna see the scenery for this flight so I advanced time for the next day. IRL iz black skies out der)

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