Wind with takeoff/landing clearance

So today i was controlling on the training server and i Cleared a plane for landing and it Announced “Horizon 611, wind 180 at 10,number 1, Runway 16R, cleared to land” and what stood out the most was “wind 180 at 10” because its my first time hearing and i told my self is this something new? because it was not in the patch notes of 21.7 and then i went to fly online and i ask for take off clearance and it just said “I-FGRS, Runway 25L, cleared for takeoff. And i am wondering is this a glitch?

I also noticed this before the 21.7 update. I soon realized that this was only happening on the Training server and not the Expert. I don’t have any answers unfortunately but this might be a thing only in the Training Server.

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This is indeed a new feature that should have been implemented in 21.7. There are also instances where the wind is also said to be “variable” and “gusting” under certain wind conditions. This is something that isn’t just on the training server but also on the expert server too.


Oh ok .but thing is when am flying i don’t hear the wind conditioning being announced .But if am controlling i do hear it being announced

The use of “variable” and “gusting” are used under certain conditions, so it is posisble that the winds that you’re experiencing is normal.

This is because wind and gust information won’t be announced unless it’s at or over a certain point.

Wind is 10kts or greater it will be broadcasted in clearances

Gust is 15kts or greater it will be broadcasted in clearances

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Oh ok I understand now thanks

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I noticed this as well and made a similar topic, here are the answers they gave me.

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