Wind/Weather with Takeoff/Landing Clearance

Would love to see this added very soon


Bumping this. This would be a great feature, and it probably wouldn’t be as hard as other features to implant. The ATIS already uses the METAR information, so it would just have to be played whenever the pilot is cleared to take off/ land.

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After seeing another topic about this, I really like this idea and really hope to see this implemented in IF. This will clearly not be any extra work for IFATC since we’re still pressing one button. Great idea Tom!


This would be so helpful for pilots on approach/landing to be informed about harsh winds that could cause a crosswind and potential crabing and to get a heads up about that would be great

Voted. Beautiful post!

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I don’t think this is necessary when you can just look at the weather at that airport.

But it’s more realistic and can warm of wind shear and jetwash/ wake turbulence

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