Wind speeds

Hey Everybody
So right now I am on my way from EGLL-KIAD in IF and the wind speeds top of at 165ks

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You heard the man. It is windy

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The winds aloft have been really strong across the Atlantic lately. There’s some storm systems moving across it.

chose the wrong day to travel westbound lol. or at least your route isn’t very efficient. btw which aircraft is it?

United 777-300ER

Have a look here at the conditions:

Move the slider to FL340, it’s really windy!

@SWA1997 Are you all right? It’s windy enough, it’s normal. But let me tell you something. You may have an exaggerated Mach for the 777 (you have 100PWR), in addition, adjust the trim so that the pink bar can disappear, it will help a lot to save fuel.


It’s quite windy up there! But to add to what Renan said, normal cruise speed for all 777s is M0.84. You’ll save fuel by decreasing your speed and adjusting the trim. Safe flight to wherever your destination is!

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He’s heading to KIAD as long as there’s going to be enough fuel.

Hm, yeah, I should consider reading the whole post next time

I am going to KIAD

If I was a betting man, I’d lay down money that the magenta line in the trim tab will disappear between +40 to +45% and Mach .84. 💵 ✈️

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That’s right!

Likewise, it’s always in that range!

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What trim setting should I use?

In fact, I was already forgetting. Since you are going to KIAD, your FL should be on an even rather than an odd level! Tell me if I’m wrong, please!

You are correct.

West is even, East is even odder is how I remember.

That’s clever I should do that @Levet thanks

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Thank u everyone so much for the help


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