Wind speeds

Hello guys!!
I will leave a very interesting site for those who like to fly near the real. This site shows the speed of the winds in each altitude. Hope this helps.
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I always liked It has been extremely useful. I know when to pack in extra fuel etc


I always use on transatlantic or nearby flights of beaches.

I used Windy to fly in a 215 knot tailwind and it was really fun despite my plane going -400 to +400 feet in the winds.

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The weather is sometimes not cooperative and has late feedback. Still good site.


They have an app for iPad and iPhone. I have it. They have way more things to view than just wind! Pressure, Snow depth, rain, cloud tops, temps, dew points, pressure, ozone layer, pollution concentration…etc!

This app is awesome really interesting looking and Global is d patterns and temperature it really is a great easy to use tool to show you global climate

Thanks for sharing this I will definetly use this when planning flights.

Absolutely love this. It is great when I’m planning flights in excess of 20 hours. It allows me to see a week in advanced so I know early on whether I should go eastward of westward (most of the time Eastward due to the way winds work.)

I have however stopped using this recently as I’ve started memorising winds

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Yeah it’s a pattern

There is 2 major wind areas at high altitudes

25 degrees north and south of equator

= slow winds slightly more westerly winds

Outside of thsar

= Strong westerly winds


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