Wind speeds Heavy

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Today I am flying in Training Server. The winds are up to 135ks. I am flying from KBWI to KLAX then then continuing on to KSMF (Sacramento). The thing is I want to add this to my VAs crew centers PIERP. On my devise, I have a Screen time setting on my phone set for 10:30pm EST.

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You should check to see if the winds will eventually die down. If not, you should ask a guardian to extend your screen time.

The website is blocked on my devise
And thank u @Dylan_M

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I have decided to divert to the nearest airport KSTL
It stinks that I can’t put the long flight in my Logbook

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The wind should not make you divert. A flight never really needs to divert unless there are major winds. It’s typical you’d get high winds over the Great Plains, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean.

Here are the winds currently at FL340

@Kamryn it’s because of my time frame on my phone

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I went spotting at lambert airport today, I would recommend diverting to Tulsa as there is heavy winds

Ok will do thank u

Winds are only showing 240 at 14kts currently for STL

I have made my FPL to KTUL.

They usually go down to 14 and then back to like 30

Thanks all for the help. I hope you guys have a Safe and happy holiday
@Kamryn @Dylan_M and @IFSTL

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