Wind Speed Limits question

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I have a question about the wind speed at the landing.

What are the limits of the tailwind in the approach.
Is there a limit until you can not land in tailwind anymore?

I would also like to know the same for crosswind and frontwind

The whole thing refers to the A320 family and the 737-800!

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I think it’s 30 knots but I’m not totally sure (it varies between what aircraft you are flying)


Whilst there is no limits in Infinite Flight per say, for tailwinds I have a personal limit of up to 10kts. A bit harder to work out he cross wind components so at moment play that one a little bit by ear!

On you tube there is a channel called “74Gear” made by a 747 pilot who goes into the maths for xwind landings.



Thank you for your answers!

if someone else still has useful contributions, please write here! I am very grateful to all for the help 🙂

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Here are the limits for the 737-800:

And here is an easy to use Crosswind Chart in case you don’t want to do the maths…but I would suggest to train the calculation so you are able to make a decision within seconds if you are still able to take off or land on a runway given a wind speed and angle from e.g. a “ wind check”.

Here is the rule of thumb for the calculation of the crosswind:


I watch him too, his channel is great for aviation enthusiasts



  • Tail winds 10kts
  • front winds 45kts
  • crosswinds 25-30kts

B737 series:

  • Tail winds 10kts
  • front winds 40kts
  • crosswinds 25-30kts

I really wish IF pilots would grasp the concept of the crosswind component.

It really kills me when they think a heading of 090 at whatever speed makes 18 preferable over 36 because of a color choice in IF.

(Although that image is exactly why I don’t like rules of thumb. If 86 percent is the same as 100 percent, I’m Mickey Mouse.)


Guys, thank you very much! 🙂

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