Wind settings coordination

Hello can you help me out? 😅 i’m playing offline mode (because my subcription has expired already). While i was playing IF offline mode, my wind direction doesn’t coordinate with my desire wind directions. How can i fix this?

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You can pause the game and there should be a weather section. In there, you should see something named close to “wind direction” and this can be adjusted to your desire.

Hope this helps! 👋

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Yes. That’s the one that i’ve edited, but the thing it’s not coordinating with game. 😔

Can you provide a screenshot of the wind settings and then a view of your status bar at the bottom?

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This is the current wind direction.

So i’ve change my desire wind direction here.

I’ve already change my wind direction so it must be coordinated with my desire wind directions. But as you can see, it is not coordinating with my desire wind direction.

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Hmm… have you tried closing the game and reopening? Seems to work a lot with most issues… If not, a device restart might work. If it doesn’t, I’m out of ideas lol

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I’ve tried that already many times 😅. Anyway thanks for trying to help me. Maybe later if the developers see this problem, the could help me out.

Good days bro. 🙂

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Anytime! Glad I tried lol


Have you deleted and reinstalled the app?

Ok i’m going to try that.

Yea, let me know what happens

It didn’t work. Thank you for the help btw. 😊

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Dang it, okay, I tried my best. Good luck!

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I have the same “issue” as you. And actually everyone does. This is because the wind setting in the weather menu is referenced to True North, whereas the one in HUD will read winds from Magnetic North. The effect becomes more pronounced the closer you get to the magnetic and geographic North Poles. Here you see me spawned in Northern Canada, with a drastic deviation.

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I’m not sure about that because before the 21.2 update, it was coordinating with the desire wind direction.

21.1 could’ve also updated the realism in winds.

I don’t think so. You can adjust the desire wind direction on sp mode

Well this is why this happens. True north and magnetic north are not the same thing, as stated above.

Its all fine. What @iaexo said is all your going to hear from seb once he wakes up. Everyone is dealing with the same issue.

I guess so…

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