Wind Rose Aviation A330-200 UR-WRQ

Wind Rose Aviation A330-200

Quick Explanation

Wind Rose Aviation, Is an Ukrainian Charter Airline Founded in 2003 and is based at Kiev Boryspil Airport (KBP/UKBB). The Airline Serves 24 destinations and has 13 Aircraft.

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Quick Explanation About Airbus

Airbus SE is a European multinational aerospace corporation, that designs, manufactures and sells aircraft.

Quick Explanation About The Airbus A330-200

The A330-200 is a shortened, longer-range variant, which entered service in 1998 with Korean Air. Typical range with 253 passengers in a three-class configuration is 13,400 km (7,240 nmi; 8,330 mi).

Great livery and aircraft! Though I ran out of votes…


Never heard of a rose in the wind specifically in Ukraine,

This has my full support


Ooo snazzy livery, will definitely add more diversity in the sim, gonna clear a vote for this one ;)


Wow this is such a cool livery !!

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Dang I needed to put sunglasses on to look at that livery!

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Sadly I have no more votes, but I can say this livery is beautiful.

beautiful livery.