Wind Quickly Changing Speed While On Short Final

Device: iPad Air 2
OS: 11.2
About: While approaching JFK, the wind rapidly changed speed. Much more than it should be. The video is self explanatory. It has happened on multiple occasions so far.

Unless I am crazy and this is normal 😅.

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Are you sure? I remember preglobal the wind was not like this.

I have experienced that before while landing on EGLL,just use the appr

767 doesn’t have it. That also isn’t related to wind conditions :)

When you say multiple occasions is that just today or over a period of time?

It has happened twice in the past. Within the span of a month or so.

Unless it shouldn’t be that way, I’ve sometimes experienced that for a brief moment even before the release of global (always on final as well).

Okay, we’ve seen some reports of this in the past but it was occurring randomly. Not sure if the weather station IRL was having an issue or error but that may influence or introduce this issue. I’ve experienced this once myself but not at KJFK.

That is why I wasn’t 100% sure. Preglobal, wind gusts were very rapid although this seems much more elevated.

I don’t think it is the weather station. Here is the metar I flew with:
KJFK 260240Z 2603/2706 27020G28KT P6SM SCT060 SCT200

I experienced this at KJFK when winds were gusting high as well.

I think it is just the wind speeds changing very rapidly from low to high.

That is definitely a bit more than normal. The winds at KJFK have not been the best right now, and it’s possible the METAR is wrong. Also possible that the airport is “Winds Aloft” and that isn’t showing for some reason.

@Reedgreat No need to worry about it. It is normal. Those winds are gusts.

Fortunately, these exact weather conditions were stored on my iPad in solo mode because the flight shown in the video was the last flight I’ve done tonight so far. Here is what it looked like:

My only question is whether or not the winds on approach are different then they are at the airport. Otherwise, the gusts shown in the new video are defeinetrly not as wacko as in the original video.

Sometimes the winds can be different on the ground vs on approach.

This has happened to me at least twice in the past both around the new york region

It seems to be a problem around New York/Toronto. This happened to me at CYYZ.

iPad Air 2
iOS 11.2.1
IF 17.12.2

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I don’t think it’s the weather station, I had it today at KPNS. It is very annoying, but usually calms down after about 4 minutes.

@Levet I was Flying today on two occasions, both to Manchester, NH and happened on final.

The winds would go crazy, causing me to almost stall, but would go back to normal after I landed. The winds when I go on final would be 45kts, which wasn’t true and was only supposed to be 10kts, and then the winds would go all over the place

iPhone 6s
iOS 11.2
Latest version of IF