Wind Question on Live

I was looking for a windy place to try some landings in a Caravan. I go to and see some nasty stuff in Alaska. So I spawn to a little airfield, and the weather comes up as 3kts. Then is slowly increases to 25kts. Like 1 kt per second.

Question. How long does it take, after spawning at an airport, for the METAR weather to be reflected at the airport? It certainly was not instant on the spawn.


I’ve seen this once or twice.
I suspect here that IF had the real time weather and the website was slow to update.

Either that, or the airport, when you were there, just happened to be in the eye of the storm.

After spawning in IF, I normally see the weather becoming ‘available’ within 10 seconds.


So I recreated it going the other way. I was in a high wind airport and then respawned at a low wind. It took over 1 minute for the weather to regulate, (wind to come back from 36kts to 6kt). Good to know :)

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