Wind is different for other frequencies!

Hello all! I was controlling ground and tower a few days ago at Hilo Intl on the playground server. I had an approach frequency vectoring people into the open runway, which was 26 at the time and everything was fine. Suddenly, the wind changed for me and the open runway was 08. But the approach frequency was still vectoring people into 26 which was messing up the pattern for landing.
The other controller and I discussed the controlling after and we found out that the wind had changed for me, but not for him, so he saw 26 as the open runway and I saw 08. I would like this to be changed because it could really mess up controlling at towered airports.

How strong was the wind? If it was no more than 5 knots it isn’t any problem.

Nonetheless, this has been an issue and is quite annoying when it happens, but you change runways whenever you feel like, and on playground it can be quite hard since you can’t communicate so yea. Much easier on advanced since we can just message each other.

As Samuel said, that’s more of a communication problem. Firstly, the runways aren’t “open” or “closed”; they’re “active” or “inactive”. Second, practically all aircraft are certified to land with a tailwind component, and five knots is not even remotely an issue; in the real world op. requirements sometimes demand that a particular runway is used except I’m special circumstances, so the ATC will guide them there even if a given runway has tailwind.

Besides, runway 26 also has ILS; it can be of more importance than tailwind.

If one is able to find a way to message the other person, then you can coordinate; unfortunately not always possible with playground

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Yeah that’s true; in IF world especially the difference is pretty small. In the defence of the earlier point I guess you could say the ILS is still important for auto land, since the 08 runway has a pretty steep hill nearby and the GPS doesn’t take terrain into account - it’s just an “extended centreline”.