Wind influence not displaying at certain airports

I’ve run into an issue where certain airports don’t show the wind impact on runway selection (they’re all green instead of green, yellow, and/or red). This has occurred both when selecting my start location, or during a flight when I view different airports. I’ve attached a screenshot that shows the runways at KOAK all green, but when scrolling a short distance away to KSFO, the runways show the normal green, yellow, red. Is this an issue on my end, or the implementation of the weather data by the server? Thx

According to the METAR, there is currently no wind at KOAK.

This is not a bug. It shows all green when the wind is under 5kts. 5kts of wind isn’t Enough to effect the aircraft badly so all runways are open.


The screenshot was from an earlier flight, so I’m not sure of the current conditions. However, here is one that I just took at KLAX for comparison. METAR shows no wind, but WX info shows 6kt winds.

Ok, thanks for the info.

You have to also take into account that METARs in the U.S. are updated approximately every hour. So there might be a lag between the “current” weather and the last updated METAR.

Fun fact: if there’s a major or important change in weather, which requires the METAR to be updated sooner, the resultant weather report is called a SPECI or a “special report.”

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