Wind Gust Reporting

If I recall correctly, wind gusts are only displayed in a METAR If gusts exceed the average wind speed by 10kts or more in the 10 minutes preceding the time of the report. The increase between 6kts to 7kts does not equal 10kts.

Noticed this with other surrounding airports in the same area/region of South America.

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So what would it show if there wasn’t over a gust 10… Would the meter just become red? That is my question. I am totally blank on the usage of the METAR (Even though I can read em)

Got that too.

Maybe in IF it always gives gusts in metar…

Not always. Definitely not always. If you’re unfortunate enough to go to an airport with gusts then you get that.

This topic is also not about wind gusts, it’s the fact that the METAR is doing something it’s not supposed to which is put the standard winds and put the gust as only 1kn greater than that.
If the winds are 6kn gusting to 7kn, the METAR shouldn’t put that.

Check the metar I sent!
The difference is 9 wich is smaller than 10.
I know the problem isn’t the same as the other topic…

Why link it

I sent the link to the other topic, because it could be related. (I don’t think it is, but could be…)

🤦🏼‍♂️ My bad, I overlooked that part. Sorry 😂

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I checked a few airports and they don’t show any gusts in the METAR. Same thing for CYYZ and SENL

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