Wind feature on HUD & Map.

Can someone explain to me why I have no weather on metars and no wind it’s just stuck at 0 degrees on everything and at every airport? Never had this issue before

Solo or Live ?

On live bro, noticed it yesterday and it’s still on zero today.

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Maybe your hotfix isn’t complete?

It’s work for live only. Solo never worked.

Did you update Infinite Flight’s latest update ?

Can you explain what hot fix is please?

I updated the 787 update and the update that added more liverys the other day but it just caught my eye yesterday when I was doing a video for my YouTube channel and clicked on the inbound airport and it said weather N/A

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Maybe there wasn’t any wind at the airport

They were supposed to fix the weather system.

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Oh right was there a problem with this? I haven’t been on in a few weeks so have they solved it yet or still in the process.

The old weather service was taken down.

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Oh right that explains it. Do you know how I can get this solved?

Update Infinite Flight

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Thanks bro usually I get a blue dot on my iPhone when there’s an update just looked and there is one thanks 👌🏻

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