Wind directions change active runway during pattern work.

I’ve had a quick look around the forums for the solution to this but can’t find exactly what I’m after. Basically, I was just getting in some ATC practice at Gatwick with aircraft departing and arriving 26L, I had two aircraft in the pattern when the winds changed and 26L closed and 08R became active. What’s the procedure when this occurs? I continued to land the already cleared pattern aircraft on 26L and then instructed to enter left downwind for 08R once they rolled out and took off again. Not sure how else to deal with that. I know it’s a rare occurrence but what would be the correct instructions. Cheers guys

I’m pretty sure you can keep using the inactive runways. Since it wouldn’t make sense to turn the airport around like that, when there is a possibly the winds could change again.

ATC shouldnt chase the winds. If its under 12-15 knots, keep using the runway you started out with. It would lead to a lot of chaos if the active runways are changed with the changing winds (esp with variable wind conditions).

Great. Fortunately it wasn’t busy at the time so not much chaos caused but I’ll take that advice on board if it’s to happen again


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