Wind direction

Could someone try and explain to me how this wind map works? Thanks

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These are actually a bit more simple to read than you may think.

The direction the “arm” (Super long line) is pointing is where the wind is coming from in a True Heading. So from your picture, most of the wind here is coming from the South. Maybe varying from 160 to 230 degrees.

  • The flag/triangle indicates 50kts

  • 1 line on the arm indicates 10kts

  • ½ line on the arm indicates 5 kts

So, to read these, you’d add up the lines and their values to determine a wind speed.

Example: 1 triangle + 2 lines + ½ line = 50 + 10 + 10 + 5 = 75kts


Oh wow that actually makes much more sense! Thank you :)


@Highlander24… Here’s the most updating interactive weather site for the US… I recommend it to you.



They are called ‘Wind Barbs’, if I’m not mistaken.

I use that a lot for Wind Information, seems to be quite reliable.


this website is a bliss
if i m not wrong we from the game perspective
follow windy app right?

I think they use NOAA data. @schyllberg mentionned it somewhere.

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