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I had to make a topic about this because I am really confused. If I’m facing north (0°) and the wind direction is 90° (east), the arrow on the HUD display is then facing west, which is alright since wind is indicated blowing FROM. So at this point wind is 90 (blowing from 90° south to 270° west), which in theory means that when taking off the aircraft will veer to the left (to west, since wind is blowing from east). However the aircraft veers to the right. Why is that? Does the wind direction on HUD says blowing FROM or TO?

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IT says blowing from and you’re plane turns in to the wind. In one of the posts someone says how you can takeofff better. Have a look it could help.

When the wind is blowing your Aircraft it’s actually catching the vertical stabilizer. Pushing it to the left causing the nose to go to the right. 👍

Other then that everything you said is correct and it’s always coming FROM with wind.


The wind direction on the HUD is where the wind is blowing from and the arrow is where it is blowing to.

I was about to say that, good “catch”… I’m sorry 😐

Thank you guys, that takeoff tutorial helped. I wasn’t sure why the aircraft is veering in the wind as oppose to with the wind since it doesn’t make sense in plain logic. I always thought that the wind will push the aircraft to the side it’s blowing to. I will have to practice this, it’s confusing as hell :D

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