Wind Direction & Velocity Given by ATC

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My request is a simple one that may be difficult to implement, however it is a real world practice that with live cockpit will allow pilots to adjust approaches to maintain on the centerline and ultimately land safely.

Once you contact tower, you go through the motions of landing. During this critical phase of flight, pilots can request an update on the wind where ATC provide a feedback of the current wind conditions. Upon reaching final and being cleared to land or once confirming gear is down, ATC again provide the current conditions.

Why do we need this in IF?

Well with Live cockpits now becoming our current and future and also not having a feed in cockpit, pilots are required to use airfield TAFs to work out the wind velocity and direction. Although true to life, wind changes constantly and we tackle that by gaining live and current wind stats to ensure a safe landing.

How would we implement it?

I’m not a computer guru, so forgive me if this is inaccurate but how I see it is:

  • Pilot requests the weather, calls final or confirms gear down (if that ever comes to IF).

  • ATC simply “Respond”. The system then retrieves a live feed from the weather system and simply reads back “Wind, 290, 15 knots”.

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Also called a Wind Check I believe

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That would be a good reminder or another thing is when they’re cleared to land it tells them the weather at the end like they do IRL

I absolutely did not see that during a search! Flagged for deletion and moving my vote across!

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