Wind direction changes

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I’m wondering what happened if wind direction changes significantly, should I divert aircrafts to operating runways or just let them land on the runway they have inserted. Some pilots get annoyed if I divert them and do according to them. There should be atleast level 1 violation if pilot do not listen ATC consecutively 3 times.

Hey! On the expert server, if winds change dramatically, we only conduct a runway change when traffic is light and can handle the delays. Additionally, if winds aren’t that strong, they might just switch back shortly so unless it’s very important to change runways in use, we won’t do it.

As to your second point, that is the training server. Pilots are training and a lot of them don’t know how to follow ATC instructions. If you’d like a better controlling experience, I would highly encourage you to begin your IFATC recruitment process if you haven’t done so already.

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We usually stick to a 10kts of tailwind component as the maximum TWC allowed before changing runways

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@lucaviness but I was controlling approach of Heathrow 10 mins ago, wind changes dramatically, I tried to change the runway and divert the aircraft from their flight plan. But seems that they are not adapting the change and continue their own navigation. Moreover that I diverted some of them but the ground controller still departing aircraft from wrong runway…

Again, that’s the training server. In IFATC, ground and tower are always communicating. Try controlling at a smaller airport - you’re sort of asking for trouble if you open at Heathrow. It’s pretty much the hub for trolls and anyone who wants to mess around on the training server.

@lucaviness thank you for the suggestion and I’m already been through this but unfortunately I got 1 level 2 violation, so I have to wait for 30days, once the wait period over I’ll again apply for that

Best of luck to you regarding the process - study hard and you’ll be having the time of your life in just a couple months, controlling and learning!

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