Wind Direction Arrow/Data in Camera Normal View Missing


Been on hiatus and just noted the Wind Direction Arrow and Data which I used while Taxiing is no longer displayed in Camera Normal View. Is my memory failing? If so may I suggest that it be (re) installed during the next update.
Max Sends


Nope, your memory is not failing. There has been a wind arrow above the HDG button in the Normal camera view.

I think they’ve removed it since you can select it in the “instrument panel”.


@Laurens… Sound right Lauren’s and pleased no memory failure. I set up my panel for cruising. That wind arrow in plane form was a valuable tool for taxi. Now I gotta add steps to my launch & recovery check list. Hope they consider work load increases next time they dittle. Everyone has a personal preference of course, but this widget was unnoticed by some and valuable to others in windy conditions if you taxi in plane form… So go’s the IF Universe. Thank you, your still my favorite expert. Max Sends