Wind Connection

Error downloading the weather information!

Weather is a service that is provided by external sources. From time to time these sources have hiccups which cause the connection to go down. The connection is re-validated and restored at the top of every hour. Just be patient and it should resolve on its own.

In this case in about 5 minutes.


But am having the problem from past 1 hour now?

Yes, it may not have been fixed depending on when it started. Wait for the top of the hour and see.


Will let u know soon

My weather is down as well. I’ll see if it comes back up at the hour.

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My weather has been down all day, not that it is a big issue though.

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Same here, weather is showing red.

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Is IF aware with this problem yet?

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It is being looked into.


Back up for me.

@Chris_S I’ve found that when the weather servers go down, the game will typically revert to pretty bad weather (very low visibility, high winds with big gusts, fly GA aircraft becomes impossible/very difficult, etc.). Do we know why this is? Why doesn’t the game revert to clear weather in the absence of real world weather?

Just wondering if you had any insight on this.




Someone (not me) broke something and is now fixing it.


I like challenging winds, so I appreciate when that happens sometimes.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem here

gives a suspicious look

IF is connected to a server that is feeding it the information, the system takes whatever it gets. This info may not necessarily be correct, or possibly not even formatted correctly. So when the data comes in and is wrong, it can make the weather go crazy. As well as getting stuck on weather that is from your cruise, which typically is going to be high winds and not very fun to try to land with.

As Seb mentioned, they are aware of an issue - which likely is contributing to possible bad weather youre receiving

That’s the normal cause.
In this case, it was running at half capacity and eventually stalled.


Weather is all good on my end, minus the red !. Absolutely no crosswinds. Smooth sailing.

No complaints, thanks for making the flight interesting lol. I had to land with 81 knot crosswinds in Detroit, so fun!