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So I’m currently in a flight to LFPO from LICT and I’m experiencing a massive 87kt headwind from the north at just 7,000 FT MSL. Right now I am 35nm from my destination with my ground speed being 153 kts while my IAS is 230 kts. With the problem looking like it will not be solved while I’m in the air. I don’t want the controllers thinking I’m blowing off their instructions which I never ever do, but then again I don’t want to end my flight because of this. This is my 4th leg of the day as I been flying around France all day, so you’d understand the difficulty to quit such a productive day at the end. Are there any tips I should look forward to if this happened again in the future ?? image|450x600 Are there steps I should take facing a problem like this again in the future?

I let the controllers know.

It could be temporary until the weather updates.


Thank you Chris. I still managed to land but the winds didn’t go back to normal until I was on final and still then it never reconnected. It was like that for basically the entire 2hr flight. It usually reconnects but this time it was a no go. But I do appreciate your response.

Looking at, the wind in the Paris area seems to be fine. Most likely a small bug that will fix itself soon.


Yes it was a bug because I also use windy for my flights. The weather will usually reconnect on its own after a few minutes but this time it stayed disconnected for the entire 2hr journey. I appreciate your response !

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I’m late, but I’ve noticed that even without a weather connection, IF recognizes the weather at an airport if you get close enough to it and sets that as your weather. Specifically to prevent you from landing in an 87 knot headwind!

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