Wind conditions at EHAM

Be careful at EHAM today. The wind conditions aren’t good.
32 kts crosswind with gusts.
I ended up like this.


The 717 is hard to control without winds.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Seems like the heavy winds crossed the Atlantic.

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I wanted to try the 717 again.
Going to do that in another location. :)

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Good decision. Try Sydney.

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I wouldn’t worry, I ended up far worse in high wind, in front of a mod.

And I was taking off.


The whole London region is pretty much 15-20kt gusting 35kt

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Really? Hawaii had 28kts of gusts this morning.

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Did a little trip round a hour or so ago, Wattisham, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, London City, Heathrow, Farnborough. All pretty much the same. It was quite hairy at times. :O


At EHAM you can always land into the wind thanks to its runway layout.

There were similar conditions at EGBB this evening, earned 400 XP for a 10 minutes flight!

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