Wind Conditions and Active Runways

Mar '20 Hello all…first, thanks to all of the work the Expert ATC controllers do (especially when we’re not following instructions during heavy approach/departure). PLEASE pay attention to sustained wind direction and use that to determine correct runway landings & T/O. Too many times I’ve approached airfields on my approach path and had the controller send me around the area toward a runway with tail winds that are sometimes 10 plus knots. Not good.


Hey John!

We’re sorry that you had an experience in which you felt uncomfortable safely operating your aircraft.

Would you kindly let us know the name of the controller who sent you to a runway with tailwinds. I’ll help you come in contact with them.

If you don’t already, your best bet would be to request a specific runway with either your pushback or taxi request.

Thanks for the kind and calm post today!


The best wind to land are headwinds, sorry for your experience. What was the controller?

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Which controller did that

Sometimes special procedures are in place for a certain airports that you are required to land on certain runways, regardless of wind.

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All IFATC are highly trained, so they know what they are talking about (most of the time). They will have either done it for a reason, or it may have been a mistake, whichever the case, I think it best be that you contact the controller(s) via PM, to discuss why they made their decisions.


Lol (hate using that)…I realize its a sim and nobody’s gonna die and its mostly isolated. I believe the last time it occurred was 2/27 (KLUF-KDMA). Another issue is that sometimes the weather server is skiddish and the winds follow suit.

I see.

Sometimes METAR’s can differentiate between controllers and pilots.

In the future, don’t hesitate to reach out on the forum sooner and we can help you come in contact with the controller.

Thanks for your understanding!

You also have to keep in mind that winds aloft are different from the airport METAR. Sometimes an approach may be windy and then as you get closer the winds shift or are updated. It just depends on the reporting service and when it was last updated.

Keep in mind that established flows also cannot be immediately turned if the winds shift. This happens all the time in real life and airports will coordinate a change in the pattern. Plus most commercial flights can handle a 10kt tail wind.

True…I was a weather forecaster for a bit (USAF)…always check the airfield winds when I take off and as I approach the site (50, 20, 10nm out)…and now with ATIS, this makes it even easier (thanks for that IF). I think its two-pronged; the controller can get saturated with requests and the weather server may have a role in the data itself. If the winds are relatively light (even if the direction is constant),I don’t sweat it. With respect to METAR OBS (mostly in the UK), do the surface winds at the airfields mimic winds when they are reported variable? (example: EGCC 18005KT 140V210). Sorry for the long question.

hi guys how i can send a messagge to ifatc recruiters?

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