Wind comes and goes

So it seems the weather is playing games with us all again, one second it is a 90 knot headwind, then the weather server goes offline and the wind drops to zero, depending on what speed your doing this will likely cause a stall for some aircraft, when the winds drop to zero! Is this an issue that’s known about? The server keeps intermittently dropping in and out every 5 mins or so, I have spoken to another couple of users and they are reporting the same…any thoughts?

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I’m flying in Expert Server now. But the Weather Server is very unstable. It switch between red and green. Is anyone in the same situation as Me ?


I’ll give it a restart but there’s probably other issues going on here.
We are working on getting this resolved permanently.


@Twill757 @FGS-CFU-Andy - any improvements yet?

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Yeah, it’s back to normal. Thanks a lot~ @schyllberg

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Still the same for me. Headwind of 114kts, changing every 5 minutes

Changing is not strange. But is it dropping out entirely?

Stable now. Connected & working okay. Thank you!

It seems to have become more stable! Thank you!

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