Wind clearence for tower at IF?

I’ve seen a picture from a guy here at the forum that stated the wind clearance upon landing from the tower. What I mean is the following: “Wind 220 at 6, cleared to land rwy xx American xxxx”. Is this a new feature or something cause I haven’t seen it?

This was added in a later update last year. Can’t remember the specific update it was introduced though. It works if the wind is at or above 10kts.


Aha ok! but why so high? I mean it is weird?

I thought it was only seen from the ATC’s end, no? It also works under 10kts.

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Pretty sure the value is 10kts. May of been changed over time but when it was introduced it was 10 I believe. I’ve had it from the pilots side but it has been a while since I’ve encountered it.

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Oh alright! Because I’ve landed in very high winds until now with Tower active, and I haven’t received any messages like that!

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