Wind Check on ATC Takeoff Clearance

So I noticed when being an air traffic controller on training server the winds are read out in knots during takeoff clearance, just like in real life. Why does this not register when you are a pilot?


This is intentional as the servers need an update before pilots can see the clearances. Should be seen in the future


They used to do this a long time ago, as far as my memory…I think this was years ago.

Does that mean that as a pilot I can’t hear the readout at all? Meaning on the pilot side you would never hear any wind advise?

As of currently, ATC will hear the wind message. Pilots will not.

Pilots will see “M-USIC, runway 5, cleared for takeoff”

The servers would need an update for that to work. At some point that will be heard on the pilot side as well.


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