Wind Changes Inflight

Anyone else having an issue after the update, where the wind changes drastically inflight, from 0kts to over 100 at some points…


This happens based on real life. The winds sometimes do the irl. This happens to me every time I fly

I once had this in open beta, when the weather server was down, and the wind changed drastically from 100kt to zero(which is weird because I don’t think the wind would change if weather is down)

This happens to me to but Autopilot can handle anything.

It is now worth checking winds ahead. When you fly through here for instance :


You can expect quick wind changes. A risk of overspeed flying west, or stall flying east.

No @Potatopappas , this isn’t a bug. Infinite Flight’s weather changes based on real life. It always used to happen.

And, just to add. If the weather is down, when it comes back online, then there are sure to be some drastic wind changes.


This is more likely to be the issue described here in my opinion. Some weather service issues in the last few days from what I saw on the IFC and in app. Experienced it yesterday myself, with „Winds aloft down“ and 0kts changing to 70+kts which was the realistic value.

Ok, thanks for that @JulianB

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No but yesterday when I was flying from Paris to New york my plane was moving very hard in the turbulance and the speed was going up and down.

That is to be expected due to the jet stream over the Atlantic ocean.

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