Wind change at destination

Hello, IFC.

So, I have a question. What do you do if the wind changes at your destination mid-flight?

Example: You have set your flight plan to arrive on 36R. While you are en route, the winds change, and now the wind direction favors 18L. Do you just keep your flight plan as is, and just manually change your heading to the other side?

You can always change your FPL while flying. That’s what I do. Except when you’re talking to ATC. Then it’s them to tell you what to do.


I personally take manual control once near using the heading so I leave it the same. I pretty much use the fpl to just get me to close proximity of my destination


Depends if IRL is still using that runway. If the winds do change and the airport is still using the runway IRL. Then I’ll keep it.

I am re planning my flightplan by removing the waypoints guiding me to the runway and change them to the new arrival runway by making a downwind approach

Turn off the NAV and use the HDG to manually fly yourself the downwind leg, and complete the pattern work.

Edit if the wind is ~5kn, don’t worry about the runway color.

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Yeah, that’s what I do. Thanks!

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