Wind aloft connection not working

Hey there ! I’m currently flying over Canada from Beijing to New York and since about an hour my « weather » is red, the error says « winds aloft weather connection ». I tried to put my device into airplane mode and back but It didn’t work.
My device is a 12.9 IPad Pro, running the latest version of IOS11 and with a stable WiFi connection. Thanks !

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It is conpletely normal for the winds aloft service to be down. Eventually it will be come back, but in extreme cases it can be gone for a day or more. Most likely it’ll be back sooner than that, but just don’t expect accurate winds up at cruising altitude.

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Does this mean that i’m Going to land at KJFK with 62 knots winds or will it calm down ? I have 1000 hours of live flight and I’ve never seen this issue for more than 10-20 min

@if_aviation_greg, it will use the latest winds that the server received. However, there is a good chance that by the time you arrive you’ll have connected again and or the IF Weather server is back up and running!

Unfortunately a frequent item to show red lately, but as long as its not the Live Server, then its just a matter of putting the bird down!

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Having the same issue here

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Everyone in the Eastern Part of China does not have Real Time Weather right now, nothing is wrong with you connection or device, Check Reese’s post above for further explanation.

No need to report in that you don’t have weather connection, thank you.


We rebooted the instance handling Winds Aloft a few minutes ago.
Hopefully that should clear things up!

Thank you for your patience!


It worked ! Thanks for the support, topic can be closed now


Great to hear! Enjoy your flight :)