“Wind 280@6”

Infinite flight developers should do for example “JetBlue 2509 wind 280@6 runway 22R cleared for take off” instead of “JetBlue 2509 runway 22R cleard for takeoff” anyone else think live ATC could be a little more relestic?

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Hello, once you start posting and liking more in the forum, you can post a feature request for this in #features when you reach TL2.

As for my opinion, would it really be beneficial? Part of me thinks it would clog up the ATC menu as 80% if pilots have no clue what it means anyway.


Yes… but really no. They use this term in real life when giving take off clearances, and I do think this’ll add another notch of realism into the game.

If you’d really like this to be added, @Brando, I highly recommend voting for it here:


I dont think it would really clog up the ATC menu. If pilots don’t want to litsen to it then that’s thier choice…
It could maybe be an expert server only thing like ATIS.

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It would be beneficial if the weather system in IF is not solely based on METAR.

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Yes that will be great but not all the time do ATC tell pilots the winds on Takeoff and it will be more work for the tower.

There is an existing feature request for this.