Winair DHC-6 Twin Otter

I think this would be a really cool addition seeing as all new features regarding engines is coming soon (hopefully) in global!!!



I love this plane and livery!

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Its simple, yet elegant! the approaches to St. Barths in this plane are breathtaking!!


I really love this aircraft and would love to see it in IF

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Oh yes great plane to fly at the carribean

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I think that would be St. Barths…the airline is from the Lesser Antilles so.

@BrunoC Their main route is SXM-SBH. But they have a couple flights elsewhere in the Carribean. By far tho, the SXM-SBH is the most traveled, and most interresting!

It will bring more use for Gustaf III and that means more use for the Carabean. So I LOVE IT

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We need more turbo prop/ propeller aircraft in the game.

This would make me so happy. Such an amazing aircraft, and what a livery

fly lots of these in caribbean where i’m from, especially out of St.Maarten to Saba,St.Barts