Win a Month of Infinite Flight Live Free!

This is your chance to win a free month of Live on Infinite Flight! Already have a year subscription? No worries; the winner will receive a free month, or an extension of their current annual subscription.

This is a landing competition! Try your luck at landing the C208 at Little Hands in the San Francisco region. To enter the contest and for full contest rules, please visit Be sure to read the rules carefully to be considered. Best landing will win!

Contest closes at 1600Z on May 10th.

Good luck!


@Tyler_Shelton put together a great sample video for us!


Who are the judges on this?

Good luck everyone, can’t wait to see the video’s :)


“Official FlightCast Judges” as stated in the contest rules.

I’m guessing: Jason, Tyler, Mark, and Joe.

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I take all blame on being lazy , thanks.


It was definitely tougher than I thought it would be. If you listen to the whole podcast, they do drop a big hint. 😉

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Can you give me the link to said podcast.

If you’re wondering about the specific episode, here it is:



Thank you.

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We can do the landing then film the replay right?

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Yes you can. Make sure you read the rules carefully.

This is a FlightCast contest with FDS cooperation to facilitate the extra month. Why do you ask?

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That’s the smoothest landing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime!


Nice little challenge.

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Its solo only!

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Oh ok, how do I record it?

Another device maybe if not screen recording.

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I nailed it, will post video tomorrow, have to rush.


Can’t wait to see it!

This is a sick idea! I’ll give it a go.