WIMM is missing on Global

Today, I was planning to do a flight to Medan’s Kuala Namu Airport (WIMM). However after using the search function an looking at the map. I was unable to find the exact airport. Surprisingly, this airport existed on Global kml file which can be seen below

And a tester once had came to the airport before. Hopefully this issue can be fixed soon. I have an information that might be useful to solve this issue in case it’s needed. I have been searching for the charts on WIMM, but the internet only showed me the chart of the previous WIMM (Polonia Airport) which has a different ICAO/IATA Code now. I’ll post a chart in here once I’m able to find it

I hope these informations can be helpful to solve this problem. Thank You


I am guessing it did not load, restart the app and see if it is there

Or it could just be a known issue

This may be an older database and it just isn’t there at this time. We’ll continue to update!