Willard Airport, Mobile Regional Airport to lose United flights to Chicago

Today, Willard Airport in Illinois announced that United is Dropping their Chicago service.

They basically said the same thing we just got on July 1st.

It’s not only Manchester, NH, Mobile, AL will also lose Chicago Service as well.
Willard Airport will still have Service to O’hare from American Airlines, but Mobile Regional will not have that service, as UA was the only airline to operate the ORD flight

These flights end September 4, 2018

Doesn’t sound too newsworthy. A airport in the middle of Illinois is losing a flight, oh no! It’s probably close enough to Chicago where most people would rather not spend as much to connect through and just rent a car at Ohare and drive there. Espessially if the next flight is a one or two hour layover, it’s better to just stop in Chicago.


That’s a shame. I’m from just outside Mobile and I hate to see flights leaving our little regional.

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