Will Your Flight Time, XPs, or Landings Saved When You Are Offline On Live?

Hi. In the past few days I am trying to earn flight time on Live in order for me to achieve Grade 5. I am concerned that when I’m flying on Live like a normal pilot, and the connection status suddenly turned orange, which indicates that I am “offline” from Live. Then I decided to quit flying, and here’s the question: when I leave Live, will my flight time, XPs, or landings be saved after the connection status turns orange? After leaving, does the game take me to the “Flight Stats” screen or the main menu? If it takes me to the main menu, do I have to start all over or will my flight stats saved secretly?

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I would say that it would save your stats up to the moment you went offline. All computers and computer programs hold their last active state in the event of something going wrong.

If you go offline, and then come back online (while still flying), all that time offline is counted as XP, flight time etc.


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