Will you fly the MD-11 or the DC-10 when they come out?

Still prefer the L-1011.


MaxSez: The poll needs a fix, you need to add “None”. As far as I’m concerned both aircraft are Dog’s and man killers. Check the safety stats on these flawed outdated beasts. They’ll be Hanger Queens in my line up of favorites.

Good one 😂
Yeah but I agree with your “fix the polls” thing.
Still find this topic is useless anyways

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I didn’t figure you for a DeathCruiser dissenter! :)

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I dont know see which one I like better

The only time I ever get to see the 2 is at night since Commercial Flights stopped coming into JFK. All I see are the FedEx Freighters. Haven’t seen a commercial MD-11 in years. In basic terms, I haven’t seen them in a while (a while ago I wasn’t such an AvGeek) and I didn’t notice any differences. At least I’m learning something useful over Christmas Break 🤣

Darnit md111 is winning XD well it doesn’t really matter.

I will fly them each at least once.


I’ll fly both probably more MD-11 though.

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I’m hyped up sinse I’m seeing md11 images from real life but 1 day they will be in infinite flight

MD11 is smashing the poll

Don’t kill me for asking… But what’s the difference?

One has winglets and is longer, one has no winglets and is shorter

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No UPS? 😢

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I’ll fly both when they first come out. Then after about a week they’ll be added to my rarely used aircraft list since I don’t fly heavies very often.

What are you going to do with that info

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Oh yeah. I re-did Philadelphia which apparently is a big UPS hub. So I guess I’ll fly UPS aswell.

It is. Still behind the wonderful Worldport, though.

??? What do you mean

Neither!!! Im sticking with the 747! i absolutely love that aircraft!!!

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